Practice areas

Our main practice areas are the following:

  • legal due diligence and legal expertise
  • commercial law (founding of companies, contact person, mergers, divisions and transformation of legal entities, holding of meetings, electing and removing members of the board and council, transfer and pledging of stocks and shares, etc.)
  • bankruptcy
  • litigation
  • labor law (representing and protection of employees and employers)
  • law of obligations (contracts, non-contractual obligations, including disputes, damages, debt collection)
  • family law (marriage contracts, divorce, property division, alimony for spouses, parents and children, custody)
  • inheritance law (drafting of wills, design and division of the inheritance, identifying heirs, disputes)
  • insurance law (disputes between the insured and the insurer)
  • banking law (disputes between the bank and the client)
  • penalty law (defense and representation in connection with economic crimes)
  • traffic law (protection and representation in connection with traffic accidents and violations)
  • migration law (residence permit, citizenship, disputes)
  • medical law (protection of patients)